Hire Adrian Heine


I’m Adrian Heine, and I’m a freelance software developer living in Berlin. In recent years, I focused on web development using JavaScript and PHP.

My style is inspired by functional programming. I like my code to be clean and non-repetitive. When doing JavaScript stuff, I tend to use jQuery or Ender.js (for client-side code) and Underscore.js (client- and server-side). A typical Node.js web application I write is based on Express and Jade. I would love to further explore full-stack frameworks like Derby.js and Meteor or front-end frameworks like Ember.js, Angular.js and Backbone.js.

I love free software. As part of my last full-time job, I became a core contributor to the popular wiki engine DokuWiki and developed several plugins. Before that, in 2009, I wrote the library libomb for the free and federated microblogging platform StatusNet. I use and promote Debian. My servers are self-administered, and I handle everything from Apache or nginx to Postfix and Dovecot.

I believe in open standards and protocols and hope for a federated future. Free knowledge is just as important to me: I contributed to the German Wikipedia as an admin and author of honored articles.

If you have a great project and find yourself in need for a PHP or JavaScript developer – please get in touch!

Have a nice day,

Adrian Heine