Hire Adrian Heine


I’m Adrian Heine, and I’m a software developer living in Berlin. I'm available for both freelance work and permanent positions.

I've been a professional software developer for 15 years now, with most of my experience working on high-profile open-source web software using JavaScript, PHP and TypeScript. I'm also an active member of the Rust community since before Rust 1.0, and I use C and Python regularly.

When working on my own, I tend to focus on questions of accessibility, localization, portability, resource consumption and general stability. In legacy code, I approach those questions by improving deployment and testing procedures, through careful refactoring and modernization, and with users not just in mind but their bug report open and a reproduction added to the end-to-end test collection.

I love to join a software team and bring in these perspectives and align them with the needs of the whole team and product. However, even when working on my own, I benefit from my usually robust and understandable code, and development processes that produce reliable results.

Happy to hear from you!

Adrian Heine